The 30 Best Gift Ideas for Women Under $100

We all have those friends who are fond of the nicer things in life—cashmere, caviar, Grand Cru… in other words, they have expensive taste in everything from their home décor to their stylish wardrobes.

When it comes to buying holiday gifts for said friends (or family), it can prove quite the conundrum—especially if you add in another factor—a small budget. (We all know, December can take quite the hit to our credit cards!) Luckily, an expensive price tag doesn’t always equate to a better gift.

In fact, today we’re sharing 30 gifts that you would never guess are all under $100. Whether it’s the luxe packaging of a lipstick, the uniqueness of a decanter, or the coziness of a plush robe, we guarantee one of these options below will cater to your friends and family with the most lavish of tastes.

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