5 Things I Stopped Wearing When I Moved From NYC to Austin

A worldwide pandemic changed most of our lives in the last year. Millions of people shifted to working remotely during this time, and as a result, many folks have left the crowded and denser cities for the quieter (and more affordable) settings of quaint countryside hideouts, heavenly forests, and small towns. My partner and I decided to join the wave of resettlers. After having lived in some of the world’s biggest cities like London and New York for over a decade, we decided to venture forth into the wide-open American South.

Life in Austin, Texas seemed not only more attainable but also more spacious. And it’s hotter—way hotter. As the terrain changes, so must my wardrobe. Clearly, what worked in the urban jungle of NYC didn’t translate as well to the sunshine-filled hills of Austin. So without further ado, here are some clothing pieces that I swapped for more practical upgrades that would make me look at home in my new city. Scroll down to find out what the biggest NYC to Texas style differences were for me.

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