30 Popular Fashion Items We’ll Be Buying on Black Friday

Ah, Black Friday—the most overwhelming shopping day of the year. I have a love/hate relationship with it, to be honest. I function a lot better when one or two of my favorite shopping sites are having sales. When practically everything on the internet is on sale for a very limited time frame, I basically cease to function, so I’m taking a more organized approach to the “holiday” this year. 

I always kick myself when I order something close to Black Friday that ends up going on sale. I suppose I just worry that said item will sell out before I can get to it. But I’ve chosen not to worry about that this year and have been keeping a running list of things I’m considering buying on Black Friday if they’re marked down. And I have a hunch that most of them will be discounted if they aren’t already. (Black Friday is kind of turning into Black Friday week, if you haven’t noticed.) So in case you’re curious, below is my Black Friday shopping list, filled with very popular and very well-reviewed fashion items. Good luck!

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